Al - Vocals

I sang all the way through school, and I was in am-dram musicals as a child with the occasional pro role now and again. I joined my first band when I was 15.

I now use Shure Beta 58 wireless mics and TC Electronics effects.

My favourite band of all time is Rush, but I have so many other favourites that I couldn't possibly list them all. They include Marillion, early Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Opeth, Tull, and a whole host of classic heavy rock stuff like Led Zep, Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath

I've always loved live music, as a young teen I saw loads of smaller and local bands. After that I graduated to gigs at St Georges Hall and other local venues including Ozzy, Robert Plant, Magnum, Dio, It Bites etc.

My first big arena gig was Rush on the Hold Your Fire tour in Birmingham. Still feels like yesterday...

*cue Hovis music*