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Marshall VST 100, Yamaha Pacificas and Ibanez SA series guitars and Zoom 8080 effects

I've played guitar since I was 10 but if it wasn’t for listening to Alex Lifeson, Steve Rothery & Johnny Marr in my formative years I wouldn’t be the player I am today – never had a lesson in my life.


Been in bands with Mark Numan & Stuart McAuley for upwards of 30 years and it feels the circle is now complete with us all starting to realise our ambitions with TWM.


Proudest achievements so far are supporting Marillion at their Radiation convention with Mark in our ‘Sand’ duo incarnation which also saw us play with another of our heroes John Foxx of Ultravox fame & having ATOC produced on vinyl – a dream fulfilled. Another highlight is on the horizon with HRH Prog in Leeds next year on the bill with Focus & Rick Wakeman.

As well as the usual neo prog faves like Marillion, or bands like Rush, I’m also passionate about The Alarm & Mr Mike Peters along with Ian McNabb – an absolute classic I missed out before is Author, Author by Scottish new wave band The Scars.


Very excited about TWM’s latest project ‘Kites’ & looking forward to creating our best album to date.