Scott - Guitars


Fender, Gibson, PRS and Tom Anderson Guitars

Bogner amps and cabs

TC Electronics and Line 6 Effects

Shure Wireless Systems



After finding my Dad's acoustic guitar when I was around 5 yrs old, I used to run my toy cars over it. Eventually putting the toy cars down, I learned to play with the guitar instead, and that passion has stuck with me ever since.


I also got into audio recording when I was around 13 years old, and made many recordings on an old 2 track recorder, before progressing to a Tascam 4 track machine, and eventually to the latest digital recording systems. I still have my early original demo recordings!


My musical tastes are quite varied, but mostly revolve around guitar based bands.  I listen to everything from Adam Ant to the Black Crowes, and from Steely Dan to The New York Dolls. I like to absorb all the different flavours of music, so it's difficult to pick favourites, however Steve Lukather from Toto is a stand out player for me.


Some of the band's fans have commented on me never playing a gig with the same two guitars, well yes, I do have a little habit/addiction of purchasing/swapping guitars to find the perfect one. Im still looking......!