Stu - Bass

Rickenbacker, Fender, G & L, Gibson, Ibanez and Warwick Basses
Markbass CMP 102P 2 x 10 combo with Markbass 1 x 15 extension cab
Boss, MXR, Dulop and Markbass FX
Roland PK5 midi bass pedals with Moog Minitaur synthesizer module

I started playing guitar when i was 12 years old, taking up bass when I was about 15.

I have played on and off since 1987 in various bands with Graham and Mark.

My favorite bass players who have influenced my playing a great deal are Chris Squire and Geddy Lee.

I am looking forward to making my recording debut with TWM on our 'Kites' album.

Why the glove? When I play live and start to sweat it helps my hand from sticking on the bass neck. It also helps lengthen the string life and saves the end of my fingers. Stainless steel string can be hard on even calloused fingers.

Why the beret? Tres chic.