Stuart - Bass

How long have you been playing?
Around 40 years now

Whats your current set up?

Rickenbacker 4003 4 string and Ibanez SR505 5 string basses. Markbass CMP 102P 2 x 10 combo with Markbass 1 x 15 extension cab. Roland PK5 midi bass pedals with Roland JP08 synthesizer module, Boss & Markbass effects.

Favourite bands and influences?
Yes, Genesis, ELP, Rush, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schultze.

5 favourite albums?
Going for the One by Yes, A Trick of the Tail and Seconds Out by Genesis, Brain Salad Surgery by ELP, Cyclone by Tangerine Dream.

First gig attended?
Genesis at Roundhay Park Leeds on the Invisible Touch tour 1987.

Tell us something about you we might not know

When not playing music I like running marathons and half marathons.